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Interior Designer VS Architect
by I Michael Winegrad

Could a person be competent to design a car if they are not a trained auto mechanic? Could a person be competent to design a pair of shoes if they are not an experienced cobbler? Could a person be competent to design a house if they are not a licensed architect? Mmmm, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Originally, people designed and built their own homes (and still do in some places) because they knew how the home was to function for them and what features they wanted to incorporate for aesthetic value. Why consult with someone else? But in time structures became larger and construction techniques advanced and projects needed someone to oversee the building process, and so the “architect” was born.

The last 100 years or so has seen the architect gain popularity, sometimes as much for their personalities as their work. They are known to have a command & control attitude on projects and one does not challenge the architect, especially an untrained homeowner. Then around the 1970’s we saw the emergence of the interior designer as we know them today. This new interior designer was highly trained not only in the traditional subjects like fabrics, furnishings and color but also in building techniques.

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