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FENG SHUI - Energies

Often getting started is the most difficult step in any endeavor and sometimes people are overwhelmed with how to begin using Feng Shui.

Here's an exercise to discern where to focus Feng Shui energy. This can help prioritize concerns, making evident the area(s) that's affecting your life. Start noticing things you're dissatisfied with - you may notice a pattern.

Questions to ask...

--Career and Life Path - Are you fulfilled in your current career/job? If not...what's missing? What do you dislike ? The people? Money? Type of work? Location? Traveling? Late hours? Stress? Do you want to change careers/jobs?

--Skills and Knowledge - Is your current level of education satisfactory to you? Do you want to pursue another field of education for a change in career? Do you tend to make poor decisions and wish to be wiser? Does spiritual wisdom seem to be outside your current life situation?

--Family - Are your family relationships pleasant? Do you want to bring more family into your lifestyle? Do you have inner child/childhood issues left over into your adult years? Do things in your home remind you of your childhood home...for better OR worse?

--Prosperity - Is there ever enough money? Do you feel you deserve more luxuries in life? Do you feel what you have is always the 'skimped on' version? Are you financially better now than 5 years ago? Does money come and go too quickly?

--Fame and Reputation - Do you need more confidence to do something you've avoided doing? Does it seem people hurt you with gossip at work or in the family? Does lack of courage keep you stuck from attaining your dreams? Do you still see yourself being criticized as a child?

--Relationships and Love - Are you happy and content with your current relationships? (Significant other, family, children, co-workers, friends) Do you feel your energy is depleted from always giving to certain people? Are you seeking a committed relationship?

--Creativity and Children - Are you having difficulty with your children? Are you wanting to have children? Do you experience blocks to your creativity? Do you feel stagnant and without opportunities to express yourself?

--Helpful People and Travel - Do you feel you have to do everything yourself? Do you have difficulty finding someone to help you or trouble delegating? Do you feel people take advantage of you? Do you travel too much? Or too seldom? Would you like to travel more?

--Health and More - Do you have current health concerns? Or worry about future health concerns? Do you get frequent infections or flu symptoms? Feel like a sense of humor has escaped you? Any other complaints that don't fit in these categories?

List what is NOT working in one column...and what IS working in another. This can be very insightful and direct your Feng Shui energies in the right direction!

Sharon Kasmira

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