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FENG SHUI - Subtle Energy

Feng Shui is about energy or chi and how it moves through space. The initial purpose is to create an environment that is peaceful and serene, whether at work or in the home.

Positive energy exists on many levels including within one's personal space. Everyone has their personal Chi energy which varies at times and inter-mingles among people. This can explain why, when someone negative enters your space, you can sense or feel it. The goal of Feng Shui is to first attain balance in the eight areas of life. This is easily done through the use of 'cures' but beyond those implements we must recognize the more subtle forms of personal energies that enter. Because each resident or visitor's Chi has an impact on the overall feng shui it's important to be aware of the differences or changes you notice.

Have you ever had a visitor (often a relative) come to your home and after they've left the place doesn't feel the same? There's a heaviness that wasn't there before the visit?

This is usually the result of the personal energy your visitor has brought into your space. We all know hanging out with upbeat, cheerful people can improve our mood. Those people will have the same effect a celebration has on us. The same is true when a negative person visits. It can not only dampen your mood but leave a residual energy within the areas that person visited. Because spaces hold energies we need to watch what or who enters them. We work hard to apply feng shui principles to bring harmony and balance to our surroundings but it's important to be aware that others can impact how successful we are.

There are two easy methods for cleansing a space after someone has left. Because negativity accumulates in corners, it's easy to disperse it by sharply clapping your hands three times into the corners of each room the toxic person was in. Finish this by also clapping outward at the door that the person exited.

The second method many clients use on a regular basis to cleanse energies throughout their home and/or workplace. This one requires the use of sea salts. It is believed sea salts absorb negativity (A pinch of sea salt in your nightly bath, or on a shower wash cloth, will absorb all negativity you accumulate during the day). When used for cleansing a space you simply sprinkle it on the floor, much like Carpet Fresh, allow it to sit for a minimum of two hours (keep pets and people out of the room), open windows (weather permitting), and then vacuum carpet or sweep bare floors and dispose of the swept material outside the house.

Being in tune to the more subtle energy changes around you can help you continue to maintain and enjoy the benefits of feng shui application.

Sharon Kasmira

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