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Graham Brown

FENG SHUI- Using Crystals to Energize Yourself and Your Environment

Throughout time man has used various types of crystals and rocks as talisman and energy enhancers to draw to him what he desired. Whether in the jewel-encrusted furniture of a pharaoh or in the engagement setting of a modern bride-to-be, gems hold our fascination. Some believe this fascination is based on the stones rarity and therefore material value. Others believe that stone use is something mystical and given to us by the Creator himself. The bible in what some call The Old Testament and what others call the Torah makes mention in numerous places of the uses of stones in worship by the Jewish peoples – particularly in use for the breast plate of the High priest. So it should come as no real surprise that just as stones were used to enhance energy in the West – so too were stones used in the East.

The use of clear quartz crystals to enhance and correct Chi flow is something well established in Feng Shui. There are different views as to the ideal type of crystals one should use. Some suggest that the ideal crystals are smooth, round and of moderate size. Others would suggest faceted crystals hung to maximize energy flow. And still others would suggest using crystals in their natural state. I myself use both faceted crystals and natural crystal forms to enhance Chi flow in my apartment and in my car. I think the best form for each person is what the particular individual feels most comfortable with. I myself am not the most comfortable with having what some might see as a small crystal ball in my living room. Such things are bit too close to what some associate with gypsy fortune telling for my own tastes. However, should you feel drawn to such a thing – I say go for it!

I have been drawn to crystals since early childhood. I can look back at being four years old and having a love of Asian food, movies that had elephants in them and visiting the lighting store near my Grandmother’s apartment. I loved to stand under the crystals chandeliers in the lighting store. The crystal chandeliers were alive with light and energy. Looking at such things of beauty never failed to make me feel happy inside.

In my adulthood it should probably come as no surprise that crystals still have a place in my association with happiness. No, I don’t have a huge crystal chandelier hanging in my living room. Maybe one day if I ever own a house I’ll indulge myself with a huge difficult to clean fixture to hang in my bedroom. Until then I make do with a few multi-faceted balls strategically placed to activate the energy in my apartment.

At first I just used a hanging faceted crystal in my automobile. I found that the joyful bouncing about of refractive light and tiny rainbows of color seemed to make my car more chipper. Next I bought rough type natural crystals to place around my apartment. Four of my crystals are single terminated Tibetan crystals that I bought on a whim. These crystals were initially mined in Tibet and are believed to contain the vibration of “OM” within them. I bought these crystals because they just felt right and made me feel happy inside. I had no idea where they were from when I first felt attached to them. I just knew they caught my eye. Since then my crystal collection has grown considerably.

For those interested in using crystals in enhance their energy in their environment I suggest the following:

-- When you go to buy a crystal listen to your own intuition on what you feel drawn to. If a particular crystal stands out when you touch it or look at it – remember that above what you think others will think of it. If you go to buy a crystal or crystals and nothing feels right – wait to buy until a later day. Don’t force your purchase just to get it over with.

-- Look for a crystal that is not scratched or broken. Some will say never buy a damaged crystal – I say never buy a damaged crystal you don’t realize is damaged. I have two damaged crystals that I own. I use these two to remind myself that even though life may not be perfect and that parts of my life or myself may feel broken– life is still good. Both crystals broke at specific points where another crystal was coming up or through the structure. One is all the more beautiful for the break – the other is two separate pieces I use when I travel.

-- When you take your crystals home be sure to clean them and to keep them clean. The capacity of the crystal to enhance the energy around it is linked to its level of cleanliness. You would not expect a dirty mirror to enhance energy – the same applies to a dirty crystal.

-- Charge your crystals in a manner you feel comfortable with. Re-charge your crystals when you feel it is needed to do so. You might want to do so once a month, once every three months or once a year. I might suggest that you be mindful that if you live in a highly emotionally charged environment that you cleanse and charge your crystals more frequently.

-- Be mindful that your crystal helps amplify the energy you send out. If you find yourself in a depressive state or angry state you may want to think about what kind of energy you are creating around you. Like attracts like. Your crystal is not a magic cure all or something worthy of worship in and of itself. Crystals are tools – how good a tool depends on who is using them and how.

Desiree A. Krautkramer

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