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Graham Brown

FENG SHUI - The Marriage Corner

The marriage corner is the upper right corner of your home. If your garage is attached to your house, you need to add it in your floor plan. Here are some tips on how to enhance your marriage corner. Marriage corner isn't just for people who are married. If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend that applies. Even if you are not in a relationship right now you can still use the techniques to bring love into your life. Now lets move on to enhancing this area of your home.

First we will start off with using the whole floor plan rather than individual rooms. So whatever room you found to be your relationship corner is the room we are starting with. The colors that enrich relationships are pink, red, and white. You can use colors in the same family as these colors if you don't like those particular colors. A good idea would be to have a vase of pink flowers on a table. If you do not like to keep fresh flowers then you can use artificial as long as they look real. It is a good idea to have pairs of things. A couple is a pair. So pairs of objects are a good idea in this room. Two plants sitting next to each other, nick knacks, two pillows of the same kind and so forth. Just do what feels right to you. Candles are also another great idea to have. Pairs of different kinds of candles are good. Candles are great for romance. Red, pink and white are good colors to choose for this room.

There can be problems with these rooms. Such as a garage, missing corner (that part of the house is cut out) etc. There are remedies for this. For instance, if you have a missing corner, you can hang a windchime. This is a very popular method for missing corners. It helps redirect Chi (energy). A potted plant will also do fine in this area. Plants are great in the home. They represent life and growth. As plants thrive, so do we. That is also why it is important to get rid of a plant that is dying. Now, if your marriage corner is in the garage, there are several adjustments you can do. Pairs of items are still applicable. Even if you hang a poster of a couple that looks happy together, that will work. If you don't want that, then put a picture of yourself and a significant other. If you are single, you can put a picture of a couple you might be friends with that are happy together. If you find anything that is pink, red or white, put it in the corner. It may look funny but you can come up with creative ideas to not make it stand out.

Lets go to the bedroom for a single room adjustment. You can use a specific room for enhancing a certain area, just put the bagua at your door. There are certain ways your furniture should be placed. Your bed should be placed facing the door. It should never face the opposite way. Pieces of furniture should not be by your head if they have sharp corners on them. If you like end tables at each side of the bed, just soften them by soft cloths over the corners. Any furniture with a rounded edge is the best. If at all possible, keep the furniture as far away from you as possible. If it is too close one tends to feel limited, and held back. So just keep that in mind when placing furniture in your room. In the marriage corner of your bedroom it is suggested that one keep pink flowers, loving pictures and whatever feels right.

A good rule to apply to any situation is to make sure all clutter is gone. This includes dust, any object that you might not want but keep because it was a gift, old clothes not being worn, anything under the bed is bad (under the bed needs to be clutter free at all times), try to declutter your home as much as possible. And remember, whatever you do, use loving intentions.

Julie Holycross

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