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Graham Brown

FENG SHUI- Books and Monsters Under the Bed

Some will tell you that there is no place for books in the bedroom. When it comes to books in the bedroom I honestly cannot tell you such a thing is evil. In fact, any man not willing to share my bed with me and at least a book or two has no chance of having our relationship work.

I have books everywhere. I love books and think it is the odd person who doesn't have at least a couple of books in every room of their home. The ideal would be for everyone to have a private library within the home even if the area is comprised of just a few bookcases. Many would argue that books belong in the study or the living room. I sometimes wonder if these are the same people who wonder if I, as a woman, belong in the kitchen - but that is another matter entirely. Anyone who has ever tasted my cooking will tell you that take-out is a good thing at my home.

If you love to read avidly it is a good idea to weed your collection of books down occasionally unless you have unlimited space. If you didn't like a book the first read through the probability is that you'll never read it again so why not let someone else have a chance to either love it or agree with your opinion on the matter. If while going through your collection you note that some of your books are damaged with mold/mildew it might be best to just throw them away. Mold/Mildew is not something that can really be removed from most books and it can be quite unhealthy for you. Living in the moldy Northwest - I know mold can do a number on one's allergies and can inflame asthmatic situations for those so inclined. I do not suggest donating books with any apparent mold unless they are collector's items.

No conversation of furniture in the bedroom would be complete without bringing up the stuff we shove under the bed. For most of us what we shove under the bed is scarier than any monster of our childhood imaginations. If you must shove stuff under the bed, try to have things properly boxed up and tidy.

I once happened to win a book from author Shirlee Teabo called The Evolution of a Psychic and upon receiving the book told the author that yes I would read the book and then sleep on it. Recently while cleaning under my bed, I found Teabo's book and remembered how I had told the author that I would sleep on it. I had to laugh. I might suggest you be careful what you say you are going to sleep on.

Do not shove anything under your bed that has negative associations for you. In fact, I would challenge you to think why would you have anything that has unpleasant associations in any part of your home whether in plain view or not! Your home is your safe abode where you control. Do not be afraid to adjust your environment to best suit your personality and needs.

There are those who will argue out of sight is out of mind. I beg to differ on this. I once had a series of reoccurring dreams situated around several different tarot cards. The cards were Strength and the Hermit. I kept having these odd dreams with the cards in them and just could not understand why. I hadn't used tarot cards in a long time. In fact, I didn't even know where all my cards were - some were missing. Along with Ms. Teabo's book I found the tarot cards I had been dreaming of right under my bed. As below so above in my dreams! Now I am much more careful what I shove - allow to fall or put under the bed.

Sit down with a Bagua and look at what furniture you have placed where and then write down what impact you think this may be having on your life. If you see that a placement and a life pattern are matching to your dislike you have the power to do something about that and to make changes to your living space and to your life.

Desiree A. Krautkramer

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