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Graham Brown

FENG SHUI- Cleaning House

Ask most people how they feel about house cleaning and they will probably tell you it is one of those necessary tasks they try to avoid. I myself am one of those not inclined to enjoy cleaning. I just don’t have the want to cook or clean urge within me.

Yet ask most people how they feel in a clean home or in a clean set of clothing and most will agree that there is something wonderful about cleanliness. It is a wonder beyond the increased sanitation or social issues – It is something almost spiritual.

A clean home like a clean mirror actually does do wonders for our energy capacities from a Feng Shui perspective. That which is clean acts as a better energy reflector. And just as like attracts like with people – like attracts like with energy. When your home is pulled down in dirt it would reasonable to feel pulled down internally within yourself. There are all kinds of filth in this world. We cannot do much about a lot of it but we can do something about our own little corners of life.

Spiritual, mental and physical cleanliness is not something one needs reserve for the just the special days of one’s belief system. These things can be ours everyday. We may have to work at them – but we don’t need wait to have them just on special days. One way we can do this is by practicing mindful cleaning in our homes.

Now, before I go into how one might do mindful cleaning I would encourage people to remember to keep everything in moderation. This includes housecleaning.

Many of the chemicals we use to clean with are toxic to some degree or another. It is good to be careful with all such chemicals and to be mindful of whether you want to expose yourself and your family to the potential risk with using such products. I have been much more careful with chemical use since the time my own doctor informed me that he did not even want me doing any of the household cleaning while I was trying to become pregnant. You may want to explore being more careful to use gloves and to air out your home after harsh chemical use or to think about using more natural home cleaning products. This is especially true for those who have allergies, asthma or immune system problems.

When you do your physical cleaning this is an excellent opportunity to help increase the positive energy to your home. You not only get the chance to clean -- you get the chance to slowly de-clutter and to modify your placements of items in your home every so slightly to see what impact movement of such items brings with them.

While you clean your home you get the chance to look around and ask yourself do you really need, like, want or use each item you see around you. As you clean your home it is also an excellent opportunity for you to practice space clearing. Why not clean away the psychic dirt along with the physical dirt? How often you do such space clearing is a very personal decision only you can make. I suggest that as you clean your home you think about what kinds of activities and energy have been present in an area. If you note that a particular room has been having very hot angry arguments in it you might want to do a space clearing in it to try to change the energy. Any time you see an area where there are many heated arguments or emotional issues you will find that the energy around the area is charged with the same type of emotional expressions being shown there. Everything is inter-connected. You can help change the patterns of negative emotional spiraling with space clearing as a tool.

Just as I suggested the dedicating of cleaned charged crystals so too do I suggest dedicating of one’s home. Those of traditional faiths do this all the time. As you clean you have an opportunity to help set positive intent around your home and to dedicate or rededicate your home to your values and ideals. You can do this via prayer or via affirmations. Ask yourself what kind of energy do you want to bring into your home and what you feel that you need to work on. Then as you clean be mindful of drawing this into your home and into your life. Visualize what you need coming into your home the way you need/desire it to. Visualize as if the energy change were already in your life. Then live as if it were there and watch the changes that happen!

Desiree A. Krautkramer

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