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FENG SHUI- Chi on the Outside

I remember coming home late one night last week (11pm) and the feeling that something felt different. I couldn't explain it. Nothing was changed in my apartment so the sudden shift seemed odd. I dozed off to sleep very quickly and when I woke up with the sun I knew immediately that something was different. You see, normally due to shade of the tree outside of my window, I never got much sunlight in my bedroom. I had even thought of moving knowing that the amount of light to dark in my apartment was off kilter. My place had too much darkness to it. There was a perpetual sleepy time feel to it. It was like a cave – until the new property owner hired a contractor to make improvements on the property.

In order to increase occupancy and the amount of rent, the new owner set about the task of doing some long over-due much needed maintenance. In the last week I have had first hand experiences every other day in how changes to the outside of one’s residence can affect the energy felt inside. You read about such things in Feng Shui books and you want to believe – but when it really happens and you feel it-- then you say, WOW!!

First came the roof washing. I never realized how having the green moss on the roof for so many years had made any difference to my life til the stuff was gone. Not only did it look better, somehow it felt better too. Along with the roof washing came the gutter cleaning.

Next came the tree cutting. Now, the tree cutting was something I had feared for some time. I just had the feeling the tree was going to be cut back and it would somehow upset me. I knew that if they cut the tree back things might change. The large tree had been almost like a pet to me. For the 9 years I have lived in my apartment it had grown closer and closer to my bedroom window and it had almost tried taking over my deck. The large umbrella shaped tree was like my shield. It blocked not only the view of others to my bedroom window and my deck – It also blocked some of the feeling of some of the less desirable stuff that used to happen quite frequently here.

Once they cut the tree I was utterly amazed at how far away the tree base actually had been from my bedroom window and deck. It was incredible how far the tree had reached toward my place. With the trimming I felt stripped – almost naked. I woke up feeling like a rush of energy was coming in from the back of the apartment and I had no idea how to handle it. I noticed that all of a sudden I started to feel less tired and in need of sleep. I woke up feeling more energized than I had felt in a long time.

After the tree trimming came deck inspections. My deck was the worst in the complex because of the shade of the tree preventing it from properly drying out. I knew that the paint had come off in sections and that it had rotted one upper section railing. However, I had no idea how bad it really had been until the contractor saw me and asked me if I actually go out on my deck as of late. When I confirmed this, he was amazed. It seems the deck was in such bad condition it should have felt unstable. He claims it was about to go in a couple of spots at any moment and that I was darn lucky I didn't fall through.

Now I don’t know if the deck was that bad – but it might have been. The prior owner never had any improvements or repairs done on the place and it showed. Over the years the type of renters and their visitors we had all seemed to follow the condition of the property – down hill. I stayed for the affordable rent and because I just hated the idea of packing, moving and having to find a new place. The more the property manager and owner sent out the signal that they just did not care – the more it seemed the residents just didn't care either. The drug use, littering, noise complaints and even the number of odd animal occurrences increased. You know something is wrong with a property’s energy when even the wildlife seems ill at ease.

I encourage you to take the time to look around to see what the outside of your residence might indicate about the energy that may be drawing toward you. Does the outside of your home indicate that your home is positive, happy, healthy place? Does it look like it welcomes abundance or is desperate for it? Do you have landscaping or physical structure issues that have been neglected that could be causing energy drains, blockages or just unsightly conditions? The more positive flow of energy you create around you – the greater your ability to have positive influence on those around you.

Desiree A. Krautkramer

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