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FENG SHUI- Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant

When you write Feng Shui articles and it gets around to your friends and associates you would be amazed how quickly some are to come up and share their opinions on the subject with you. I don’t mind. It actually is kind of neat to hear the different opinions that people have on the subject of Feng Shui. I think it’s important to hear different people’s opinions so that you can grow in your own positions on things.

However, I must say I was quite taken aback to hear a woman who does psychic work start trashing traditional Feng Shui without ever having had a consultation with a traditional master. Her attitude was that Feng Shui was so simple and anyone could do it – why would anyone need to hire someone to do it.

Within Feng Shui there are several different schools of thought. It should be noted that there are vast differences between the eastern traditional schools of Feng Shui and what many call popular western Feng Shui. The traditional Feng Shui schools are very much into the mastery of compass placements and into the use of astrology in determining who should live in what home and which resident in each home should sleep in which bedroom.

The mastery of traditional Feng Shui is not something that one can do with a book in a weekend. And, some in the traditional Feng Shui schools think that the westernization of Feng Shui is a bastardization of it. Some debate about whether Western Feng Shui is even Feng Shui.

I have no intention of misleading you into thinking that you can get the same results guessing with a book where the best placements in your home might be compared to hiring a Feng Shui master and having him or her tell you. The latter would be much easier. Sadly not all of us can afford to hire a traditional Feng Shui Master. Then there is also the issue that not everyone wants a traditional eastern Feng Shui Master. Some want a western Feng Shui Master and that is their right. I encourage people to do what they feel comfortable with. However, to knock the traditional school without even knowing anything about it seems not only disrespectful but also ignorant. And without ever having had a professional Feng Shui consultation how can anyone be sure that the Feng Shui master might not be able to do better than you could by yourself?

Now I won’t kid you into believing that there are no charlatans in the Feng Shui business. I know there are people waiting to scam others out of their money in this business. Just as there are those who do totally bogus “psychic” readings on people. I encourage people to check references – ask questions and to follow their feelings on which individual they would hire for any expensive or life- changing job. Let the buyer beware is always a good rule to follow.

For those who can afford to hire a Feng Shui master I would highly suggest it as a gift to give your self. For those who cannot afford to do so – I always say try your best but be careful. I encourage those who desire to use Feng Shui to learn about the culture from which it came. Feng Shui came from China and is thousands of years old in its traditions. The more you learn of the actual culture from which Feng Shui comes the greater your understanding of it shall be. Go slow – making all kinds of fast changes when you don’t know what you are doing can make it very much a hellish type task to try to undo something that might be causing a problem. If you change 20 things all at once – How will you ever know which one was the problem?

For those who would argue that they could do just as well as a Feng Shui master on their own without any teaching on the subject – who knows maybe they can. If they can’t they probably will never realize what could have been possible if they had gone down the road not taken.

Desiree A. Krautkramer

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