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FENG SHUI- Selling a Home, Part II
by Sharon Kasmira

There are a variety of ways to utilize feng shui principles when preparing to sell your home. A previous article dealt with some basics but Iíd like to make a few more helpful suggestions. Theyíre certainly worth a I tell my students and clients...canít hurt! There are a number of cosmetic improvements that can really give a well-maintained look to your home and raise the Chi quality as well.

Start by checking for cracks at the front step or porch. (I know of at least one residence with a crack right down the middle of the cement slab at the front door. This can signify division in the family and the woman living there had been twice divorced since moving into that house.) Consider investing in a new welcome mat to make the entrance look fresh and enticing. Remember to look at the condition of the front door. This is where Chi enters and should be attractive and in good repair. Be sure doors donít stick or rattle. This disrupts positive Chi flow and will make the house feel stagnant and unappealing. Sometimes a new storm door or updating door hardware to brass plates can greatly improve the appearance and create a more welcoming entry.

Once inside start evaluating rooms. Imagine youíre the prospective buyer and see it through their eyes. The flooring is very important to replace if itís badly stained, torn or worn. This is true for vinyl flooring as well as carpet. Remember light colors lift energy and dark ones can lower it so be careful about the colors you use on the floor as well as walls and ceilings.

There are smaller, inexpensive details that can give a fresh look to your rooms, such as new kitchen/bath cabinet hardware or switch plate covers that are eye catching and unique.

When deciding what accessories to pack or display remember that mirrors and lamps are both beneficial to enhance Chi and lift the energy in that area. These are especially good to brighten alcoves and stairways. (Be certain to fix loose handrails on stairs as these can give people a feeling of insecurity.) Another lighting trick is to use ďuplightingĒ to help lift Chi in rooms with low ceilings or slanted dormer areas. Working or sleeping under such slants can oppress Chi so using light colors on such slants can help lift the slant visually and raise Chi energy. Hallways should be brightly lit and free from clutter. Remember to always display a mirror at the end of a hall or career opportunities can come to a dead end. Clutter in hallways will create obstacles to career paths. If possible store clutter in a central closet, or storage area. Make it neat in labeled stacked containers or boxes and if possible off of the floor. The more clutter at floor level, the lower the energy.

It is good to hang a mirror outside the door or inside the storage area facing out. Itís purpose is to reflect Chi back out and prevent it from stagnating in the closet or storage area. Also try to remove any clothing hung behind room doors. This prevents the door from opening fully and is not only inconvenient for viewing the room but also stifles Chi. Ceiling fans help stimulate Chi so itís a good idea to have them running slowly periodically, even in winter. Donít forget to clean fan blades regularly as they tend to accumulate dust and grime, especially in kitchens.

If your home has a fireplace be sure itís clean and neat in appearance...both inside and out. If weather allows have a glowing fire in it when people tour the house. Remember when everyone hung a mirror over the fireplace? Well itís a good idea to display one somewhere near the fireplace opening, on the hearth or mantel, for feng shui purposes. Itís believed that Chi escapes up the chimney and the mirror reflects it back, thus preventing loss of positive energy.

If you donít have a fireplace and want the house to glow with warmth, try using yellow ďbugĒ light bulbs in lamps. Everything takes on a cozy look and is especially welcoming when showing the house at night and in Autumn/Winter months.

Paying attention to feng shui principles while readying your home for sale will make it feel better to all who enter and more pleasant while youíre still there.

© Sharon Kasmira

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