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FENG SHUI - Buying A House

From a feng shui point of view you want to avoid properties located on cul-de-sacs, the ďdead endĒ of a street, below street level or at the center of a ďTĒ intersection. Each of these locations present unique Chi flow problems for the residents. Some have too much direct Chi flow and some not enough.

Landscaping can influence Chi also. Itís considered inauspicious to have a tree planted in direct line with the front door. This prevents Chi from entering the house (Chi is said to enter at the front door).

Also, itís preferable to have a winding walkway to the door rather than a straight sidewalk. Meandering, flowing Chi is softer and less harsh when it enters the house.

Ask the owner or realtor the reason the property is for sale. Itís always preferable to purchase from owners who are moving to something bigger or better. This would include retirement, outgrown the size of the existing house or prospered and able to move on to another upscale area. Try to avoid those that are on the market due to bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce or death. I had a client that purchased a house due for sale on the courthouse steps. The log home had been left partially unfinished (seemingly small things like wires protruding for lights and speakers in the walls, etc.) and seemed to be a good buy. After moving into it the family suffered from a serious auto accident, loss of job and financial lack. They still hadnít been able to finish the undone features of the home when they called for a consultation. My advice? After their experience...find a different house.

Next, take a good look at what you see when you first enter at the front door. If stairs, both up and down, are directly opposite the door (as in raised ranch houses) itís believed that residents will have lots of ups and downs in life. If a single staircase runs directly upstairs all the Chi entering will go to the second level, leaving the first floor stagnant. It is also said that Chi will run back down the stairs and out the door!

If you can stand at the front door and look straight through to the back door itís said that money will come in one door and go out the other.

Slanted walls and slanted ceilings also create problems. Slanted ceilings, in particular, are very oppressive and thought to cause frequent headaches when sleeping beneath them. Slanted walls can make ba-gua placement difficult and influence the eight areas of life...thus complicating the lives of residents.

A bathroom located in the center of the house is considered very undesirable because the center represents health.

Knowing the ba-gua positions can be very helpful when checking out the overall floor plan. If, for instance, the marriage/partnership area is missing it might be a house that experiences frequent divorces among owners. Iíve heard from realtors in my workshops that there seems to be such a pattern with some properties.

No house is ever perfect. Even those custom built often disappoint the owners once they move in and realize their own design errors. I have yet to visit a home that is feng shui perfect (although some are closer than others). My experience and professional purpose deals with what already exists and there are of course corrections that can be made in most cases but itís good to know what to avoid if possible when looking for a new home.

© Sharon Kasmira

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