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FENG SHUI - Storage Areas

So you used feng shui in your rooms and still find some areas in your life seem to stagnate? Maybe you need to pay attention to the areas that are out of sight. These include your garage, closets, the basement, the water heater and furnace areas, and any attic spaces.

It is believed that Chi energy stagnates in storage areas. Where the closets are located in rooms can affect the overall flow of energy in feng shui. This can be important if, for instance, your bedroom closet is located in the marriage corner. Despite the best of feng shui arrangement you still might experience your relationship feels stagnant if the Chi stops there. Whatever feng shui position is in the closet location will be affected.

Take heart! There is a solution and it involves using the ďaspirinĒ of feng shui...mirrors! If you have mirrored closet doors you are truly fortunate because the mirror will reflect back the Chi, preventing it from entering the closet and stagnating. If you donít have mirrored doors on your closets there are a few alternative placements for the mirrors. You can hang a mirror on the door (preferably a full length one), hang a mirror on the wall space above the door, or you can hang a mirror on the back wall. This should be hung inside the closet, opposite the door opening behind the clothes - mirror facing outward. These solutions will symbolically reflect back the Chi energy so it canít stagnate inside the closet.

This is true for all storage areas including attic spaces. If thereís an attic door off a bedroom or hall simply hang a mirror on or above the door to prevent Chi from entering and becoming stagnant. I even recommend attaching a mirror to ceiling attic openings (reflecting down) to prevent loss of Chi in hallways.

Basements can also drain energy to a lower level. If the basement has living space, then feng shui procedures for channeling Chi into the space is important. If, however, the basement is basically storage and used only as such, it should be treated as a storage area and a mirror hung at the top of the stairs, again to prevent a loss of vital Chi from the living areas.

Perhaps most important to address in this regard are attached garages. You plan your living space and arrange it according to feng shui principles to create a supportive, positive environment. Then, every time you open the door into the attached garage, you let that positive Chi leak out into what is basically a storage area. Thus a mirror over (or on) the door opening into the garage FROM the house is necessary to reflect back the positive Chi and prevent it from leaking out. (i.e.-this might be the mudroom, kitchen or laundry area)

By the same token, it is advisable to hang a mirror on or above the door IN the garage which prevents the negative, stagnant and toxic energy of the garage from entering the house when you do.

There are also other areas to treat the same as storage. If you have a water heater in a closeted space in your apartment or home, it too, should be treated as storage. Placing a mirror inside on the back wall facing out will prevent loss of Chi. The same is true of furnaces. Whether itís in a large room or small closet, the furnace will ďburn upĒ important Chi causing a loss in whatever feng shui position itís located in. For instance, if the furnace is in the wealth sector of your home you may experience frequent financial challenges. Again hanging a mirror on or above the entry door will solve the problem. The alternative solution is to hang the mirror on the back wall facing toward the door opening.

© Sharon Kasmira

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