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FENG SHUI - Combining The Use Of Color and Crystals

Most people are aware that clear crystal balls are used for specific purposes in feng shui. They stimulate chi energy and they also cause it to move in more than one direction. These are pure, powerful magnification of light, Chi and magnetism. They may be used anywhere, to empower any positive intention and are especially effective as protection from intense Sha Chi (negative energy).

Clear crystals should ALWAYS be hung with red ribbon or string cut into three inch increments.

The qualities you wish in a certain feng shui area may be attracted through the use of these beautiful crystal balls.

Here is a suggested list with some color qualities for each, to help you get started. Remember these balls come in various sizes from 20 millimeter to 60 millimeter and larger! Choose a size in proportion to the area it is to be used. These can be hung from chandeliers, ceiling fans, in plants or simply from a hook. Have fun adding color energy with these additional enhancements!

Colored Crystal Balls for Feng Shui Purposes:

Green: The color for healing and the life force. (However DO NOT use around cancer patients because green is the color for growth). Itís a good color in kitchens (life force and nutrition), "wealth cornersĒ (the color of money), or anywhere to stimulate money Chi. One client hung a huge 60 milimeter emerald green crystal at his new business location and has had steady increase in business since!

Peach: One of the healthiest colors in color therapy it represents general health, healing and well being (okay around cancer patients). Many of my clients hang these in their baths (especially effective hung beneath skylights).

Blue: Use it to enhance a spiritual connection, peace, and stimulate intuition. Good in meditation rooms to focus energy and in bedrooms (blue is the color said to help insomnia). Many massage therapists find itís energies soothing above massage tables.

Pink: This is the color of love, happiness, and compassion. Good for "relationship corners" and in bedrooms, especially over the bed, hanging directly above the heart area, or from a center ceiling fixture. I always recommend a pink crystal ball in the center of a new babyís nursery to radiate love and happiness.

Golden: This represents abundance! Also great for wisdom and intellectual stimulation. Good to use for activating "prosperity cornersĒ (some are actually a champagne color to denote luxury), "wisdom/knowledge corners", over your desk, or anywhere you'd like the energy of gold. Also a good color to use for the career position.

Red: The color of fire. Itís considered very effective for lifting and balancing the energy from computers. These should hang between the monitor and you, at about arm's length above eye level. Also very good for Fame/Recognition (itís the color associated with this position). Red crystals are also excellent for blessings, rainbows and joy in your car.

Aurora Borealis: These irredescent crystals are subtle, yet powerful, rainbow energy to activate Chi in any area. Especially good hung beneath skylights and excellent in workout areas. These beauties are breathtaking in the 40-50 millimeter sizes!

Violet: An excellent color to stimulate and inspire mystical, spiritual guidance and the upper Third Eye Chakra. Violet crystal energy helps develop insight, strengthen intuition, sense of contentment and peace in spirit. These also are popular in meditation areas, massage rooms and bedrooms.

Colored crystals can be suspended with clear fish line, beaded string or any color ribbon or string. Using red, however, is the most auspicious color in feng shui and is believed to empower crystals even more! Enjoy!

© Sharon Kasmira

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