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FENG SHUI - The Career Corner

The career corner is basically in the lower middle corner of the bagua. This is where most people enter their homes in. This area determines the career or job aspect of your life. This corner is in correlation with the wealth corner because it refers to jobs which usually brings money. So by using certain principles you can bring the most out of this area.

The color that this corner represents is black. Black accents in this room are good for the career corner. This is also a water area. So aquariums are great in this area. Gold fish is a fish to have to represent wealth. A water fountain is also a possibility. Anything that represents water is fine. A picture of water will do if you do not want water itself. Some more adjustments that are good for this area are mirrors. This helps direct the Chi (energy) to flow more smoothly. If black is not a color you wish to accommodate this space with then that is fine. Your whole motif doesn't have to be black. A single black statue, picture or any other object will be fine.

As with any Feng Shui adjustment make sure the space is clear of clutter and unwanted items. If this area is the entrance to your home, this also applies to shoes piled up by the door and coats that are not blocking the entrance way. If your shoes and coats must be by the door then just put them in a way that is not blocking the pathway and is neat. A shoe rack is also a good idea.

If you have a career corner that is the entrance way and has stairs facing the door, this is not good. There are a few options you can make for this problem. First, if possible, put a mirror on the top of the stairs on the wall facing the door. This redirects the Chi. It is said that stairs that face the door is money flowing down the stairs and out the door. Other adjustments could be a crystal hanging in between the stairs (It is best if the crystal is hung by a piece of red thread or yarn), a plant is also another alternative. Spider plants and plants that hang down are ones to stay away from.

While most houses have their career corner in their front entrance, some do not. If it is in another area, just use the same principles as discussed and you should be fine. It is basically using black in color, water in some form, mirrors, and keeping clear of clutter to bring out the best in this area. This is a good start to getting your career corner off in the right direction. Make sure that with any Feng Shui adjustment that you use the intention that you want to happen in this area of your home. You can even write down on a piece of paper your intentions and recite them when doing your adjustment. Make sure you don't just read it but feel what you really want to manifest in your life!

Julie Holycross

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