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FENG SHUI - The Sound of Feng Shui

One of the suggested corrections for feng shui involves sound. If you think about a serene environment one key component would be the surrounding sounds. Pleasant sounds are desirable to create a happy, healthy and balanced space. Whether it's the outdoor sounds or those created inside your space the sound around you can influence how you feel and the comfort level you experience.

First let's address the sounds that work against a harmonious environment. The outdoors isn't always the glorious music of nature! We are bombarded with the neighbors noise, construction sounds and trains, planes and automobiles. Between lawn mowers and a car stereo bass booming and throbbing, it's often difficult to sleep in our own bedroom. Even some hotels can't afford a good night's peace because they're located next to a freeway or the ice machine traffic is right outside your door. Hearing native birds or crickets in the grass can be a rare treat in many locales.

In addition the interior places we live and work are often filled with unwanted noise such as copy machines, dishwashers and phones ringing. I discovered that a trip to the local mall can be the worst assault on your ears (and nerves). Working in the environment of cell phones ringing, singing (and what other sounds they make) along with the arcade games, boisterous voices and various recorded sounds emanating from the stores made the experience very unsettling. I realized how my feng shui practice has protected my sense of well being from such "noise". Noise is what I define as unpleasant, undesirable sound.

When was the last time you experienced perfect quiet? I thought I experienced it one night recently til I detected an underlying hum. With some investigation (and a walk around my apartment) I discovered it was the refrigerator. There are pads sold to help soften the noise from machines, at home and in the workplace which can be very helpful in reducing unwanted sound. Feng shui practice includes care for the senses...meaning that properly applied feng shui should improve the sense of well being by creating harmony and balance around us. One sure way to do that is by choosing, and in some cases, improving the sounds surrounding us daily.

Some outdoor noise can be lessened with insulated windows and window coverings. If you enjoy the soothing sound of water adding a fountain near the door or windows in the yard can help, especially if you like windows open. One client of mine recently found an apartment that came with an outdoor fountain in the terrace area outside the master bedroom. What an enlightened landlord!

If you're unable to have an outdoor fountain find an indoor version that makes a sound you find pleasant. Fountains serve several purposes in feng shui and creating a pleasant sound is one. Be sure you listen to the sound made by your choice before taking it home. Fountains will have a different flow of water and the sound varies. Some are "bubblers" and softly bubble upward from the bottom while others flow down layers of materials or rocks quietly, still others pour outward like a spout. Each type makes a different sound and most come with variable flow pumps so you can adjust them. Also select one that is visually attractive because you may wish to just sit and watch the water flow as well (a good way to relax). There are many fountains that are decorative with symbolic images on them such as angels (blessings) or fish(success). When properly placed you also reap the benefit of the symbolism in your feng shui placement.

Wind chimes hung around the house can also help "distract" your ears to a more pleasant sound. If you're concerned the neighbors may be annoyed with the wind chimes try purchasing electric chimes for inside the home. These can be a very soothing and affordable alternative. Or try using traditional wind chimes hung inside near an open window, air conditioner or fan to generate the sweet sound of the chimes. If metal chimes don't appeal to you try bamboo wind chimes. They have a natural, "woody" sound many prefer. There are various ways to introduce pleasant sounds in your spaces. Choosing the sounds you want to hear will improve the feng shui and your sense of well being.

Sharon Kasmira

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