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Romance - The Energy of Love

Looking for more romance in your life? Don’t wait for someone else to bring it...create it yourself through feng shui! This will involve romantic thinking whether it’s romance for one or romance for two, feng shui can enhance your love life and surroundings.

A good place to start is to rid your “romance closet” of past relationship energies and open it to fresh new opportunities. Just as clutter can clog energy movement when applying feng shui on the physical level, your emotional clutter can hold back the positive energy you need to give out to attract a new love in your life.

You might begin by first cleaning out the physical leftovers from past relationships. Look around for toxic things that can pollute a new relationship simply by reminding you of the past one. This may include gifts, cards, photos or possibly large items, like furniture you shared.

After a long term, intense relationship’s ended it’s always recommended that the first item to replace is the bed. This is especially true after divorce. Think about it...the marital bed? This piece of furniture probably holds the deepest, most intimate energies. It can be difficult to find or maintain a new relationship in a bed that holds the energy of a third person. It’s recommended that if you can’t afford to replace the entire bed then replace the mattress. At the very least replace all the bedding: new pillows, sheets, blanket and bedspread.

If you feel the need to keep a photo or special card remember to limit it to only one and store it away...out of sight. I know of one woman with a box full of love letters and cards from a past love. Her current feelings for her marriage and husband remain aloof and somewhat detached because she can’t let go of those reminders from long ago. She may not be reading them daily but she never loses her awareness that those once loving words remain with her.

Define romance to yourself. Such a definition, for example, may include music. Music and even dancing is something you can certainly enjoy alone as well as with another person. Pleasant sounds are an excellent way to lift Chi energy for feng shui and in doing so will make you feel happier and add a bit of romance to everyday life.

We all know the language of flowers is promoted as romantic so introduce more flowers in your surroundings. Fresh flowers are always beautiful but if the season or budget won’t allow, you can substitute with silk blossoms or add a floral print fabric via window treatment or sofa pillows. Adding a lovely silk garland of roses can turn an ordinary window into a romantic garden.

Of course the use of scent should be included when defining romance. A previous article dealt with using scent for feng shui but you may choose your favorite perfume to scent your bedding or lamp shade. If you feel sensuous and romantic when wearing it, think of how you’ll feel when it surrounds you!

Some might define romance through special occasions. This can go beyond the traditional anniversary. Create your own special occasions, perhaps a spontaneous, “just because” evening. It could be to celebrate making it through the day...or having that special bottle of wine in the house.

Great food can be romantic as well. If you doubt that, just think about the tables and presentations at elegant restaurants. Most of us would agree that chocolate or any decadent dessert gives us that same feeling as romance!

There are many specific suggestions in feng shui for attracting and maintaining relationships by enhancing the love position. But before you start moving the furniture I urge you to think about defining the qualities you’re seeking. Clear away the old, discarded past loves and make room for new love...for yourself and another!

© Sharon Kasmira

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