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FENG SHUI - Mirrors

Mirrors are used to attract, correct, redirect, or move the flow of energy. This is a placement used frequently in home decorating to attract certain energies in different areas of the home. A placement of a mirror is used in an area where you want to attract more of something.

Different kinds of mirrors are used in the home. This includes round, square or octagonal. A popular place to use a mirror is behind the stove. A double reflection of the stove and the burners means more prosperity in life. You do not want to use mirror tile or any mirror that is broken up.

A straight mirror with no breaks is what you want to use. This applies with any mirror you may put up. A mirror may be placed in a front entrance to create a good energy flow. Especially if your door opens up to a wall or a stairway. This will improve opportunities in life. When positioning mirrors make sure your head is fully visible from the mirror. You want to avoid having the mirror too high or too low cutting off your head.

There is a special mirror called a Bagua (aka Pa qua) mirror that is a powerful tool. It is octagonal in shape and resembles the bagua. It also displays certain colors such as red, green, and gold. The frame is wood, resembling the wood element. This is usually used with intrusive energy and is placed at the directed point of bad energy.

Remember to use good intention when putting it up to give good energy.

Mirrors are great for missing corners.

In most cases, the bigger the mirror the better. One exception is steep stairwells, a smaller mirror is more appropriate. Round or oval mirrors are the most widely used, besides the octagonal shape, they are great to use. They don't have any sharp corners protruding out cutting chi. So it evenly balances Chi. These may cost a little more but the benefits are great.

Mirrors are great decorating pieces to use to create balance and harmony in your environment. So use them wisely and enhance your decor with the use of mirrors.

Julie Holycross

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