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FENG SHUI - Living Plants

Healthy plants and flowers are a great way to achieve positive flow of Chi. They can be used with great success in any area of the home. Flowers are great to use to correlate with the colors of the bagua. Just placing them in an area with the colors that go in that area of the home can enliven that area. When choosing plants, make sure that they have wide, rounded leaves. An example of this kind of plant is the Jade plant. Fiscus plants are also good because they have a soft and graceful look to them. Plants to avoid are the pointy leaves, spider plants are this way. These plants kind of prick your finger when touching them so you'll be able to recognize these types of plants. Cactus plants also fall into this category, but they are allowed in the fire area of your home, or by an office computer to help with the electromatic stress from your computer. Silk and plastic plants and flowers can be used too. Especially if you do not have a green thumb and can't seem to keep plants healthy and alive. In that case, artificial plants are best to use. It is better to have a nice looking artificial plant than an unhealthy plant which depletes the Chi in that area.

Outside trees and gardens can also be used to balance your home in the areas that need enhancement. This is great if you have a missing corner of your home. A tree planted in a missing corner can complete that area of the home adding balance. Planting flowers in certain colors around your home according to the bagua could really enhance the home, pink flowers in the love and marriage area is one example. If you want a beautiful flower garden in your yard then arrange different flowers and colors to create your own masterpiece garden that really speaks of your creativity and energy. This will create good flowing Chi to your landscape outside the home.

Plants and flowers are of the wood element. This is a great way to balance an area that is saturated with too much earth. The earth's element also resembles square and rectangle homes along with any other object that is square and rectangle. So adding plants and flowers helps this area too.

Natures elements: The elements of nature consists of anything that doesn't require much maintenance and care. Examples of such elements are rocks, pine cones, driftwood and sea shells to name a few. These elements can bring enlightment into your life if they are brought in by meaning. For example, if a couple were on a honeymoon and found a beautiful sea shell and brought it home, this would enhance their love and marriage corner. A big rock could be used as part of the landscape of the yard. The street number could even be put onto the rock. Don't paint the numbers straight across like you would normally write them, paint them at an angle going up. This brings good Chi. Carved statues or objects you like can also be incorporated into your landscape. When you are done, make sure that the overall feeling you get from looking at your newly designed landscape makes you feel good about what you did. Then you'll know you did fine.

Julie Holycross

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