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FENG SHUI - Furniture Placement

Furniture placement in feng shui is a key element in directing the flow of Chi. When placing furniture it is important not to block, interfere, distort, or force the flow of Chi. You do not want to cram furniture and accessories into a tight space. It needs breathing room. Raise beds, chairs, and couches at least a few inches off the floor. This allows Chi to move freely. Putting the minimum in the room is the best approach. Position the furniture so it has a good view of the entryway. Use the entry way to control the flow of chi as it flows through the front door. This goes for couches, desks, sink, stove, chairs, beds. If there isn't a way to achieve this then place a mirror so you can see the entry. This way it protects you from suprises. There should be at least three feet of space between furniture. This goes for a night stand next to the bed and a couch and the coffee table.

Accessories can add a personal touch to any room. Place frequently used items at eye level so you may reach it when necessary. Pictures should be placed so that when sitting down they are not too high above eye level. When hanging big pictures, they should be hung over a large piece of furniture.

Arranging your furnishings a certain way can bring forth good fortune into various aspects of your life. Here are a few suggestions to certain areas of your life:

-- Health: Place the colors green, black, and red in the east part of your home. That is where the sun rises at your house. Put images of the following in this area also: streams, trees and fish ponds. Adding a plant or organic accessories, with bright lights will be good to add to this area.

-- Children and the Family: This is the area that the sun sets in your house. This is the west. The best colors to use for this area is white, dark blue and yellow. Family photos, toys, awards, crystals, stones and round shapes go great in this area.

-- Fame: This is the south part of the home. This could also represent the area of the home that gets the most natural sunlight all day. Colors are red and yellow. This is a place to put objects that represent you. Photos of yourself, your awards and trophies. Wood objects, and electrical appliances are good for this area. If you do not have a place in your home that gives out natural sunlight then you can create your own with lights and heat.

-- Business: This is in the north end of your home or near the main entry. Use dark blue, white, black or gray colors here. Place irregular shapes and metals like gold, copper and bronze. This is the area that putting your phone, desk and computer is good.

-- Love: The farthest right-hand corner from the entry of any room or the southwest of the house. Use earthy colors like brown and yellow, or the Fire colors such as pink and red. Metals and stones are great. You can also put crystals, romantic objects and photos and still water in this area.

-- Money: The southeast or the far left of the entry of any room. Use the colors green, red or black. Accessories to use are round-leaf plants. To add to the plant or pot tie a red ribbon around it. Place three coins under your plant. Items to keep out of this area are coffee pots, storage items, electrical appliances and pointy plants.

-- Travel and friends: This is in the northwest. This is where you can place your luggage, travel posters and brochures. Other accessories can include angel items, rocks, or crystals. The best colors to use are silvery white, light blue and turquoise.

-- Knowledge: This is in the northeast. The best colors are white, gray, red, yellow and brown. Use earthy materials and metals. This is a good place for books, notebooks, computers and an office with all the equipment.

Just keep in mind to arrange furniture for coziness, comfort and good conversation. Achieve this by making sure there is empty space for Chi to flow.

Julie Holycross

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