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FENG SHUI - Clearing The Clutter

Besides using Feng Shui as an art of placement there is another aspect to consider. Clearing the clutter inside and outside of your home. Clearing the clutter is a very important aspect in Feng Shui. Now lets dive into this thing we call clutter and make way for the healthy, positive flow of Chi to enhance your home.

Clearing clutter doesn't just stop at what you see upon walking in each of the rooms in your home. It goes much deeper than that. Beginning any Feng Shui practice on your part must start by clearing the clutter. Clearing clutter makes a bigger impact on how well the Feng Shui placements work. Here are some steps to consider when decluttering your home.

1. If you haven't used it, worn it or don't particularly like it. Get rid of it.
Sometimes we keep things we don't particularly like because it was a gift or it is something we used to like or paid too much to get rid of it. We need to let go anyway. By holding on to these items indicate hanging on the 'old stuff' that may not pertain to your lifestyle anymore. When you get rid of everything that has no real meaning to you, you actually release huge amounts of energy in the body.

2. Keeping items 'just in case'.
This is a security blanket for the future. Really it keeps stuck energy around which stagnates your life. Let go and trust that whatever you need will be provided for you.

3. Get down to the nitty gritty.
Clearing clutter also involves cleaning under beds, cupboards and on top of them, closets, bathroom cabinets and so forth. Spoiling food in the refrigerator is another area to watch out for. Also extend your normal cleaning to really thorough cleaning. A couple of examples are your computer and stereo. They really accumulate dust. Really get into every nook and cranny to clean, use a toothbrush if you have to.

4. Front Entrance.
Keep clear and neat. If it is full of junk and clutter, the energy immediately drops. Hanging coats and shoes in this area is also not a good idea.

5. Other clutter places:

-- Purses and pockets- If you would be embarrassed by dumping out your purse or pockets, it is time for a good cleaning. Carry only the items you need.
-- Clutter in cars- Does your car need a good cleaning? Energy levels drop with cluttered cars. So get cleaning!
-- Office Clutter- Need I say more? A healthy flow of energy brings more business. Try to have an organized system for papers and other needed items.
-- Books- Having books we no longer read represents clutter. Giving old books away to a friend who would enjoy them or donating them to the local library is a good way to get rid of them.
-- Photos and Collections- Photos should be put neatly in photo albums or framed and hung on the wall. Pictures sitting in drawers create clutter. Keep only those photos with meaning and let the others go. This goes the same with collectibles. If the collection means something then it is okay to keep, but if it doesn't anymore, get rid of it.
-- Things that need fixing- Don't put it off, fix it. This also goes for unwritten letters, phone calls and obligations. Do them!

More advice on clearing the clutter in your home--

When something new arrives, get rid of something old.

If you have to go through your house several times before you are satisfied that is fine. Your intuition will tell you when it is cleared. Plus the energy flow will be positive.

Before starting, walk through each room noting the clutter you can get rid of and write it down.

Don't overwhelm yourself. If you have to take on one thing at a time, do it.

When getting rid of things make two piles 'keep' and 'throw'. If having a difficult time deciding, ask yourself what is does for you. If the answer is nothing, then throw it away.

Empty all garbage cans daily.

Do all cleaning with love, try not to make it a chore. This should be the first step taken before any Feng Shui techniques are performed.

If you are a Feng Shui practitioner, encourage your clients to do this before you begin with the principles. Making a list of what they should do might help in their process.

Clearing clutter doesn't have to be done, it just enhances Feng Shui. Remember that if only the items kept are sacred, your home will be sacred to you, creating a positive flow of chi greatly impacting your life.

Julie Holycross

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