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Are you satisfied with the amount of new business you are able to generate for yourself? Everyone is looking into how to cultivate new leads. We have a proven track record in the interior design community in generating business for interior designers through this website. We first started this website in June of 1997.

Let's turn our attention to search engines as it pertains to internet marketing strategies--
The single most common way for people to find what they are looking for is through the use of search engines. You probably found this site by using a search engine also. We continually work to understand the algorithms search engine 'spiders' or 'bots' use to achieve the high-ranking placement of this site, it's that important. Higher placement means a large amount of targeted traffic, which is good for all of us. New information that is added to this site is indexed by some of the search engines in 48 hours. Did you know that it happens so quickly? That's how often they regularly 'crawl' this website looking for anything new. We continually update and add fresh content to this site to keep the rankings high, can you do that with your site? Would you want to even if you could? The thing is that if the search engines can’t find you, you're being defeated in new clients finding you online through the internet.

It is important to your future success to become part of a large internet presence. People want to find everything online, don't you too? In the same way you easily found us, so do your potential clients!

To read reviews from clients just like yourself, please check out our LinkedIn profile click here.

$449.95 / YEARLY*

Custom features include a full page color advert including four portfolio pictures, and mission statement. Your name and company name, phone, fax, address, clickable email and/or website address is included too. Your page is built to be optimized for the search engines created specifically for you and your company. You'll also become a designer featured on the home page in the left column under "INTERIOR DESIGN LIMELIGHT" to increase your exposure even higher! This is posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages too. You're a 'FEATURED DESIGN FIRM'. View A Sample Here.

$349.95 / YEARLY*

The two-line enhanced listing includes your company name, full address and phone number. The second line includes your email and website address.
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